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Instructions/Check List To Prepare Your Corporate Taxes...

Corporate Information:

Any changes in home address, home phone, cell phone, dependents & occupations.

All Bank Statements and cancelled checks for each account.

If copies of checks are not on bank statements then I need copy of check registry. (I need to know to who and for what reason the check was made).

of your credit card statements used for business, including annual summary statement for each credit card used.

Any cash receipts you have for the business.

Copies of paid invoices and paid receipts from companies or venders.

If we do not do your payroll, I need a copy of w2, w3, 1099 misc 1096, 940, 941 and DE9 forms.

If we do not do your sales tax, I need a copy of all four quarters of sales tax statements filed with Board of Equalization.

If you can e-mail the bank transactions in the CVS format to

Any Additional Information:

Expenses write on a separate piece of paper.

Write category/name of the expense and the amount paid for each expense plus the amount paid in the previous year.

If we do not do your sales tax, I need a copy of all four quarters of sales tax statements filed with Board of Equalization.

Send Check To:

Send a check in the amount of $100 for a deposit. It will serve as the account information needed where you're Refund Check will be directly deposited.

* Make check payable to John Vartanian, or Independent Tax, Real Estate and Mortgage Services, INC.

You can send payment-using PAYPAL on Independent Tax, Real Estate & Mortgage Services, INC. web site on the payment page or directly to

(If you use this option, send a voided check for direct deposit purposes. IT WILL SPEED UP THE PROCESS).

Statement of Information:

Statement of Information is required annually. Send $25.00 and form SI-550 or SI-550 N/C by the last day of the month your Corporation was formed. Use form SI-550A if the corporation has more than one director, enter name(s) and addresses of the additional directors on the attachment to Statement of Information(Form SI-550A) (PDF) and submit Form SI-550A together with Form SI-550. A Corporation will accure a $250.00 late fee if a Corporation fails to file form SI-550. There are 2 ways to file SI-550/SI-550 N/C, Statement of Information:

1. Click for direct link to file online: Statement of Information - Corporations

2. Click to download SI-550: Statement of Information

2a. Click to download SI-550A: Attachment to Statement of Information

  • Filing Dead Lines & Extensions:

S-Corporations (1120S) & C-Corporations (1120):

Deadline - 3/15/2017 - Extensions: 9/15/2017

Partnerships (1065) Trusts (1041):

Deadline - 4/18/2017 - Extensions: 9/15/2017

Personal Income Taxes (1040): 

Deadline - 4/18/2017 - Extensions: 9/15/2017

W-2's & 1099-Misc(Independent Contractors):

Deadline - 3/02/2017  - To file with IRS

Quarterlies (S-Corp with Payroll)  & Sales Tax are 4x year:

1st Quarter - Jan 1 - March 31 - Due April 30

2nd Quarter April 1 - June 30 - Due July 31

3rd Quarter July 1 - Sept 30 - Due Oct 31

4th Quarter - Oct 1 - Dec 31 - Due Jan 31

Statement of Information (annual) Form SI-550:

Last day of the month Corporation formed